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Hey there, I´m Chana

Welcome to my website! This is Chana Wise and I am an LA based lyricist/librettist. I predominately write musical theatre, but have a few pop tunes as well. (Check them out on my “What’s New” page.)

That said, my heart still belongs to musical theatre. Among the shows for which I’ve written both book and lyrics are Mary Marie (2015 Richard Rodgers Award finalist, NAMT Festival 2014), Tinseltown Christmas, (numerous productions in Southern California) Bagels! (2015 Neil Simon Playwriting Contest finalist, TRU Voices finalist) and the short musical film “The Coffee Quintet”, all with music by Carl Johnson. I also wrote lyrics for Cardinal Sins, which played in Spring 2017 at Centerstage Theatre in Federal Way, WA., The Max Factor Factor (Adrian Bewley-Book, Joe Blodgett-Music) produced at the NoHo Arts Center 8/2014, Earthbound, an electronica musical, (book – Adam Hahn, music – Jonathan Price), produced by SkyPilot Theatre in 2012, and The Island, (book and music – Jonathan Price), produced by SkyPilot Theatre in 2013. Both Bagels and Mary Marie have had recent staged readings in New York. Bagels, was presented at Pearl Studios in June, 2019, and Mary Marie was produced at The York Theatre (off Broadway venue). 

Last December, two of my lyrics (music by Robert Intriligator) “The Magic of Christmas” and “It’s Chanukah” were presented at Holiday concerts for both the Dubuque and Cheyenne Symphony Orchestras.

I am currently working on a brand new musical as well as a few more pop songs. If you are interested in finding out about upcoming productions, please click here to join my mailing list!

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