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earthbound an electronica musical

Earthbound: An Electronica Musical

Earthbound is a musical drama set on the space station Miami, where generations of inhabitants have looked longingly at the blue planet beneath them, awaiting their chance to go home. Now only seven remain, and not all of them want to keep waiting.

Book by Adam Hahn. Lyrics by Chana Wise. Music by Jonathan Price.

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The Coffee Quintet

The Coffee Quintet is a modern musical tale of mistaken identity, written in five parts.

Four strangers enter a coffeehouse for very different reasons. But with a little help from a special barista and excellent timing, each ends up finding something completely and wonderfully unexpected.

Book and lyrics by Chana Wise. Music by Carl Johnson.


Cardinal Sins

Cardinal Sins is the amazing story of the birth of Freedom: the creation of the Magna Carta, Civil war, justice, and the overwhelming power of love. Below are songs samples from the live performance and pictures taken from the production at Centerstage Theatre in Federal Way, WA in May/June of 2017.

Book by Alan Bryce. Lyrics by Chana Wise. Music by: John Forster, Ron Barnett, Milton Reame-James, and Carl Johnson.

Cuban Nights

Set in Cuba on the eve of the 1959 revolution. Inspired by Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Book by Nic De Armendi. Lyrics by Chana Wise. Music by Jonathan Price.

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